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M/S or L/R? ... Or both?
Old 4th November 2016
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M/S or L/R? ... Or both?

Hi Luca,

I was wondering if there are times when you find L/R processing more appropriate than M/S?
Also, do you ever use both on the same signal path?

I'm mainly referring to EQing techniques.

Thanks a lot!

Old 4th November 2016
Hey Paul,
I like M/S when my approach is more surgical on pre process material like synts stems with reverber, background vocal stems, etcc. than as far mastering eq M/S its more gentle and most of the time I find myself address M/S concerns as a 1st eq on the chain with clean eq and L + R eqs is more for heavy lifting with more colored eq down on the chain post compression.
Old 4th November 2016
Here for the gear

Fantastic, I like your style! I never considered the two approaches in that way. I've double eq'd before, but I never thought to try switching the eq type the next time around until recently. Thought this was a good time to ask a pro. Time to experiment!

Thanks for the reply!
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