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Tips to avoid EDM sounding contrived?
Old 3rd November 2016
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Tips to avoid EDM sounding contrived?

Hi Luca,

Thanks for being here!

I write library music and do custom work for TV. At times EDM criteria pops up, so I end up writing it though I'm not experienced in the genre.

Are there any particular things to avoid off the top of your head so the music doesn't sound contrived? I think because it is so synth oriented I find the line between cool and cheesy a bit blurry at times. Thanks.
Old 4th November 2016
production wise stay away from referencing too much on hits from the past 6 months, as far leads sytns, Skrillex is Skrillex and sometimes the risk is to feels not authentic or karaoke if make sense, be original but stay on the same musical space,
Mixing wise, dont over compress too much to trying to get the same loudness of your reference master. Better more dynamic but pleasant
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