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your monitor choices and levels?
Old 3rd November 2016
your monitor choices and levels?

Hi Luca,
great that you want to answer our questions.
I was wondering what your favorite monitor speaker is, for both mixing and mastering. What did you use before?

Second question: since it's often dance music, and played at high volume (in a club), how do you check? What volume level do you listen normally? Do you have a reference level?

Old 3rd November 2016
1 - My ears are tuned and confortable with Focal SM9s, We have 2 pair, I also use KEF LS50s and Pelonis for mini near field,
On our Studio A we keep the SM9 far from the desk and traslate great for mixing and mastering purpose.

2 - I push more when I work on drums and kick/bass relationship and initial part of the mixing, just to get excited and gradually lower the level when I need to focus on trasients / reverbs and automations, as far mastering I always try to work at low level..
Old 4th November 2016
I've seen those KEFs in HiFi mags. (good reviews)
Are they a secret weapon, or your reference how it sounds in a living room?
Old 4th November 2016
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Curious too!
I have some LS50's, but use them more as a secondary reference, rather than mixing on them.
They don't look like a serious speaker, but sound they incredible.
Old 4th November 2016
The KEF are great for me, specifically for reverb / vocal ratio, fades, transients placement and response translation on lat top computer, phones ad overall small devices
Old 4th November 2016
ah! thanks for the tip!
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