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Top 3 do's and don'ts?
Old 17th May 2016
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Top 3 do's and don'ts?

приятно да се запознаем Kink!

HUGE fan, I have literally 80 of your tracks going back to 2008. Many thanks for diong this, I was so impressed that you're making time to do this and of course grateful to the mods that fiixed it up...good call!

I have a ton of questions but I'll try and keep them separate and simple.

What are your top 3 do's and don'ts in terms of getting things done AKA good and not-so-good work habits?

Thanks again!

(ps, when are you coming to Japan??)
Old 17th May 2016
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well, thank you very much for your support! Nice to meet you too От България ли си?

thank you for keeping it simple, I'm on a permanent world tour its not easy to catch up with the questions here and i want to pay full attention to everyone.

not in particular order:

1. the whole composition / recording is more important than the little detail inside. Spending 5 hours to make the hi-hats perfect won`t make the whole track remarkable.
2. look for a significant element in your music, if the track sounds average and you try to "fix" it by adding more elements, or refining the sound, I believe it`s a waste of time. Better start from scratch, looking for a really strong sketch which is worth the time to be finished.
3. Learn your tools inside out. Often a smaller "studio", with 3-4 instruments, which you know inside out can give way better results, than getting lost in a big setup.

Other than that, I guess the internet is an enemy in the studio, if i was not online, i would get the music done way faster and better and one of my main rules for my live set - if I don't use a new addition in 2-3 shows in a row, I remove it, in favour of something else, possibly more useful.

Tokyo- 2-4 June ill be at Taico festival on 4-5th let me know if you want to come to the festival or maybe meet at Five G store hehe?
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