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What was headspace when you wrote some of your favourite songs?
Old 13th May 2016
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What was headspace when you wrote some of your favourite songs?

Yo KiNK,

Long time fan really love almost all of your work & your live show is by far one of the most exciting things i have ever seen.

I'm curious to the know the headspace you were in when writing some of your favourite tracks. Or even some of my favourites like Express, Pocket Piano & your remix for Daniel avery.

<please contact KiNK directly if you want to share your music with him.>

All the best KiNK!

You will continue to make others happy with your music.

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Old 13th May 2016
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writing tracks generally - always super exciting in the beginning and a struggle to finish them. Your favorites - they have a story. Basically in the past few years (since Express) i`ve been very busy with travelling, so as I said - in the beginning there was a big excitement and in the moments of working on finalizing the arrangements, unfortunately it felt a bit like a job. Because if I dont want to miss my flight / gig or to f#ck up the release schedule of the label with months, I had to finish in time. And making music is not always something you can calculate by hours. So since the time, when I made Express, I make sure each track has a good personal story and I need to finish it, not only because it`s my job. When I was a kid, in the early 90`s, in the summer vacations I was going with a train from Sofia to a village, where my grandmother`s family comes from. It`s a 5 hours ride. No tablets, iphones and laptops at that time. 5 hours sitting inside the train and listening to that railroad sound. I was already into techno at that time, so I was listening to this train sound for hours.. I imagined it sounds like a techno beat. Or a bit like the Amen breakbeat. I thought it would be so cool if someone makes a track out of it. Well, nearly 20 years later I had the technical ability to do it and I did it Pocket Piano - I was in San Francisco and i visited a really amazing synthesiser store, called Robotspeak. I had a nice chat with the owner and I bought Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano. A very nicely built little digital synth. Overall my stay in San Francisco was great, so I decided to make a track, reminiscent of the nice vibe in the city and the people I`ve met. Also I used the Pocket Piano synth for the main riff Daniel Avery remix - well, I`m a big fan of Daniel Avery His track is very beautiful and I wanted to do something really raw and banging as a contrast.. Looks like i`ve gone too far, because after I sent a short demo - the guys at the label asked me if i can do something more euphoric, in my style I decided to take some inspiration from Orbital / Golden Girls / Kinetic, but the mix ended up a bit more on the cheesy side for my taste.. Luckily the people like it generally.. But I play the raw / unreleased mix in my sets

music - I`m curious to hear, but i don`t promisse a quick response..
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