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Getting things in key
Old 12th May 2016
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Getting things in key

Hi Kink

When you're doing live sets you use things like the lep loop - do you worry about things being in key with random bits of gear like that?

What's your approach to ensuring things stay in key when you're playing live?

Many thanks and appreciate your time

Cheers, Simon
Old 13th May 2016
Special Guest

Hi Simon,

Actually my main problem is getting things out of key (in the right way). I just like things just a bit detuned, on the border of pleasent and annoying. The reason I`m so crazy about the Leploop and modular synths is because it always sounds littlebit wrong, exactly what I`m looking for. Actually I just sent back to the shop an analog tool, which (after buying) I found it works only in twelve-tone equal temperament and was packed with scales, that sound "correct". I decided I can`t use it, if it sounds always right. First of all - I like things slightly out of tune, but also there is another phenomenon I found for myself - If i have a melody, with let`s say quarter tones, not really defined pitches.. it always sounds right with whatever i play on top. Althought just a tiny bit out of tune. If that melody is in tune with a "western" scale - for me its very difficult to play on top of it, because i`m not classically trained, its hard for me to recognise what exactly to play and then often it really sounds of out key, in a bad way. That`s about usage of instruments with unstable tuning. Playing keys with my limited musical skills - I am comfortable to improvise in a certain root key. But my back tracks are in different root keys.. so my way of cheating is - I re-pitch the keyboard with few semitones, to match the backing track, that is currently playing and then i pretend I`m a jazz virtuoso I feel comfortable in A. it`s almost like playing only the black keys, quite easy
Old 13th May 2016
Lives for gear
Thank you for your reply and all the best
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