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Drum compression
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Drum compression

Hi Kink and greetings from Prague. I found that most of your tracks have really well compressed drums. They have enough punch and transients but they are very dirty, raw and nicely distorted. But not as much as the LIES stuff Do you use some sort of parallel compressions when writing music? What are your favorite software tools to get your drums well distorted? I find it hard sometimes to find the right balance and not overdo it. thanks
Old 13th May 2016
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hehe, my favorite topic

I`ve been experimenting a lot, on the lower budget. I`ve tried most of the saturation plugins available till 4-5 years ago, then I stuck to the same weapons, till getting into more (low budget) hardware. Plugins - for many years I was using Voxengo Tape Buss on the drums and the master, it gives really amazing color, almost as good as real tape, sometimes even better (for my taste) in the mid / high range, but my favorite algorhythms there are doing something wrong with the low frequencies, so I stopped using it for a while. I was abusing D16 Decimort for a while, because I realized that a part of the sound i like is the digital aliasing. Decimort also has a pretty decent preamp emulation. Now I would use any distortion plugin, even Saturator in Ableton. Wave Arts Tube Saturator is also pretty amazing tube distortion plugin. Compressors - on the master i usually have PSP Vintage Warmer (an old version), but its not really a compressor, more like a limiter / saturator combo. I normally use some really basic compressors, in my old software (Buzz) I would just use the most simple compressor, available there, now in Ableton I use the Glue compressor. Sometimes I use the PSP Mixpressor on drums in paralel compression, mostly 80% dry. Paralel processing in the software - didnt worked very well for me, unless the plugin has a dry / wet knob and still, sometimes it sounds weird to my ears. Ah, i need to mention Brainworks bx XL and Saturator, I dont use them that often, but they are amazing plugins, which saved lifeless mixes few times! There is an interesting technique I use once in a while: EQ to highpass the drum buss littlebit --> compressor --> distortion --> EQ to bring back the bass. I love the drums distorted all together, but i dont like distorted kicks.. Now I`m moving a bit more thowards hardware and paralel processing with my relatively cheap Mackie mixer works really amazing! I put some guitar pedals on the drums, some compression (FMR PBC-6a) pushed seriously and then I add a lot of the dry signal. Then - the master - a bit in the red. Sounds great I think overall it`s all about esthetics. Now I feel I can do more or less my sound with any eq / comp. / dist. combo. Dirty drums - also try 112 db Morgana sampler and TAL sampler

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