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Finishing Tracks
Old 11th May 2016
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Finishing Tracks


You mentioned loops and making them into full songs in one of the earlier threads. Can you tell us a little bit about how you take a loop from 8 bars to a finished track?

Would you create say two 8 bar loops ( a break, and a verse say), and build on the two of them so you feel you can expand them to a full track, or do you try to make say 64 bars first, add to that until it sounds good, or do you lay a track out in some software and keep adding to it until it's finished.

During a session do you keep listening to other tracks for ideas, or do you start writing with all your ideas in your head.

Thanks Man!
Old 12th May 2016
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damn, I was writing a very long answer to this question yesterday and the power went off!!!! I`ll be a bit shorter now:

I havent listened much to music with a standard song structure, so I follow my feelings. When i make a dance track - i imagine i`m on the dancefloor and i listen to it. When certain part becomes boring to me - i make a change, i guess that`s it. I create a strong loop with all the elements, I imagine this will be the sound of the peak time in the track. Then i copy the loop on the time line, about 7-8 minutes and I start to remove elements. Of course, sometimes the base of the track is too stripped down and I have to add something, but generally its more a subtractive process.

I used to listen to a lot of music at home and trying to copy it, it was a part of my learning process, now I get inspired a lot when I listen to DJs in the club. Often it would be a moment of transition between two or three tracks, where something unexpected happens.. Or im in the bathroom, or another part of the club, where I can hear a very filtered version of the music, then my imagination starts to work and adds the missing elements. Generally I found I like to listen to some music in a different room. Often i do this with my music too, when Im close to the end - I go to the bedroom. It gives me good ideas, about the mix or generally, shall i underline or remove some elements. I think the most important part is to have a very strong idea, more than something average. Then I dont have to "fix" it with composition, but just to expand it, following my feelings.
Old 12th May 2016
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Thats insightful, thanks kink!
Old 14th May 2016
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Really interesting reply, thanks dude.
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