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Mix bus


What kind of processing we can found on your master channel before of the mastering stage?

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The short answer would be - i don`t care that much of the mastering stage and i put nothing or PSP Vintage Warmer without touching the default preset.

The long answer: It`s changing through the years, I pay less attention to the "good" and well ballanced sound, I focus on more on simple ideas, which work, without the need to "fix" them, by making the sound better. Saying that, I'm obsessed with the character in the sound, which for me is part of the production / mixing process. I`m a child of the music, made before 2000`s and I like that sound. Which means - mostly different types of distortion, introduced by gear, used at that time. Analog (tape, mixing desks) digital (early samplers with low bitrate). As I haven`t got any budget for gear till more recent years, I was working mostly with software. SO I was using few distortion plugins, to achieve that: first it was FireSledge Pampurfe (emulation of analog dists) and DedaCode Degradation (sample / bit reduction), those were plugins inside the Jeskola Buzz software i used for the period 1998 - 2015. mid 2000`s I started to use VST plugins as PSP Vintage Warmer (ver. 1.6 or older, the newer versions sounds too soft.) on the drum group and master, Voxengo (Analog Flux Suite) Tape Buss on the master, D16 Decimort on the drum group. The sound of the drums was always most important for me. For most of my production, my usual effects chain at the end of my drum group was ---> PSP Vintage Warmer or a compressor like PSP Mixpressor in NY style compression ---> EQ, cutting a bit of the low end ---> analog and digital distortion chain (now D16 Decimort does both very well) ---> EQ to bring back the bass (I do that, because I like distorted highs and mids, but i hate distorted kicks) Then a transient effect (usually Waves Tans-X-Multi) to bring back some punch, lost in the compression and distortion. Sometimes I would put Voxengo Tape Buss as a distorion between both EQs. Master - Voxengo Tape Buss, Wave Arts Tube Saturator or other distortion --> compressor (usually PSP mixpressor or other compressor, in paralel compession, 70-80% dry) Always PSP Vintage Warmer as a last effect / limiter, with the default preset and adjusting only the Drive knob by taste. Currently I use Ableton in combination with an American built Mackie 16.8.2 and some cheap outboard effects, which replaced some of the plugins. Now if i don`t mix in the box - i send 8 channels out of Ableton to the Mackie, on the drum group i roll off a bit of the bass from the mixer`s eq, i run the drums through a pair of distortion pedals (Pigtronix Disnortion) I bring back the signal to another two channels on the Mackie and I push back the bass.. On the master i use nothing or a pair of FMR PBC-6A with activated highpass filter on the detection circuit. I used to use tape (Revox A77, also an Akai cassette deck) and the results were amazing, but this would intruduce wow and flutter in the recording (which would make the track difficult for mixing by DJs) so I stopped using tape. Of course, I use EQs on many stages, but rarely on the master, i try to fix things in the mix. I think that`s it more or less
Old 9th May 2016
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KiNK, thanks so much...
Nicely detailed, ur awesome brother!!

Keep doing that great work, the world needs you & your music <3

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