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less is more... or?
Old 7th May 2016
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less is more... or?

hi mr kink. im a big fan by the way. i havent seen anyone more as one with their drum machine since mr mills and his 909. you truly make it an instrument that is played vs just hitting play- i love it!

simple question- do you feel it is better to have more instruments at the ready to have a large pool of sounds to pull from, or do you find yourself coming back to some of the same pieces of gear on a regular basis, even if you are more limited with what you can do with that gear?

i see pros and cons to both options. im just wondering what your opinion is. thanks!
Old 9th May 2016
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Thank you for your compliments! Mills is my big influence, you can see that

Less is more. It`s a cliche, but it`s a cliche, because it`s true. I had two persiods in my life, when i slowed down a lot with my production. The first period was when i discovered the VST plugins and i was testing different software for a year. I`m not sure i finished even a single track. The other period was 2014, i dont think i produced more than 1-2 tracks, that was the moment, when i got deep into the Eurorack modular system. Of course, i am also very busy with my live gigs too. But having too many tools is a big distraction, I`m trying to fight with it. My biggest tracks are made with the most simple setups. But I LOVE gear! I guess it`s not good to go into any extreme. I go towards the more minimal aproach in terms of sounds and using less instruments in a composition, but i like to treat myself with devices that inspire me. I tell my girlfriend i need that for "work". If i have to be honnest - i need it for fun, i can do the "work" just with one laptop
Old 9th May 2016
Lives for gear

perfect answer man, thanks!
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