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Improvisation: how to learn to do it?
Old 6th May 2016
Improvisation: how to learn to do it?

Hi kink, big fan of your Live performances.

I really love your aproach to performing and I wish to achieve something similar, specially in the improvisiation side.

Could you share with us your background in music? how do you learned to improvise? what skills take more time to develop and how did you aproach learning them?

thanks a lot!
Old 11th May 2016
Special Guest

thank you for your compliment!

I think the longest music related experience I have is simply to be a devoted listener, also to have some imagination, which I blame on the low state of the economy in my country, Bulgaria. I got into the electronic dance music in 1991 and since then I wanted to play it, make it and manipulate it. However, I didnt had access to any of it (records, hardware, computer) till 1998, so all that time it would go into thinking of what I would do if i could if that makes sense Then it comes producing, i started in 1998 with a help of a friend, using his computer, more seriously in 2000, when i got my own computer. I started to dj in 2000, because of (sorry) i had access to pirte files. I was able to afford any gear for improvising only since i actually started to tour with my live set, so more or less i`ve learnt by doing it, but I was having ideas for a long time. Also when I was very young (i think 1989 - 1992) I was going for piano lessons, but I was not a very promissing student. Still, that helped too! Overall, my biggest inspiration for my live set is live looping (check Beadyman, Tim Exile, Reggie Watts), playing with drummachines and DJing (check Jeff Mills for both). I totally suck, compared to all these guys, skills-wise, but I guess making well ballanced combination of all that, makes my set special.

how do you learned to improvise? what skills take more time to develop and how did you aproach learning them?
The more difficult skills take more time time to be mastered. I still suck at playing keys and I can`t tell i can scratch with records, but i keep trying I`m better at step sequencing and processing the sound, because its just easier. The easiest way is to find something you really like and master it first, you can dedicate a lot of time on it, because you love it. Then apply what you`ve learn to other techniques, that seems less appealing to you. I didnt liked the idea of playing live, i preferred djing back in the days, but i loved abusing the mixer in my dj sets and i loved playing with drummachines. I i was also very inspired by live looping. So I decided to apply in my live set what I like most and then I had the energy and the knowledge to work on other things, which seemed not so interesting, before i tried, like playing with keys, first with using helpers like "scale" in ableton, then without it and so on..
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