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touring with equipment
Old 6th May 2016
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touring with equipment

How do you find touring and paying live with equipment?

Do you find a lot of problems setting up equipment? If so what problems?

Do you turn up to the club 30 minutes before your set time or do you have to have a soundcheck before the gig everytime?

Old 9th May 2016
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that`s a good question, actually all of them so far are great! SO: It`s difficult, this can be a long discussion.. At some point I realized that I have to develop my set by the limitations of travelling with plane and playing in different types of venues, from relatively small dj booths to festivals, which doesn`t allow me to have a soundcheck. 1. everything needs to fit my hand luggage, including my clothes (normally clothes for two days). It has to be lightweight (which is very difficult) I refuse to check in any luggage, it has to come with me in the plane. 2. I go for soundcheck if possible, normally it takes between 30 to 60 min, this is before the venue opens. Then when the night starts - I go there not later than 1 hour before my set, to hear a bit of the artist before me, but also to make sure all looks fine. Sometimes the promoters move the gear littlebit or it moves just because of the vibrations. Even a tiny move can be critical for the amount of USB cables I have involved. Most of the problems happen, when i dont have enough space and overall if the promoters don`t follow my tech rider 100%. The only thing i request for is a specific DJ mixer, a properly working turntable, enough power plugs and most important - space. Another thing that unfortunately doesnt depends on me is if the electricity in the venue is not very stable and it has some peaks. Recently I had a big failure in a great club, where the crew was very professional and I cant blame anything else, beside maybe a possibility of some movement in the voltage. There must be some filters that can fix it, i need to investigate that more. Also - no drinks / liquids on the table thats a golden rule, i personaly rarely drink during the set after i dropped some beer on top of my own keyboard.. Many more things can be said but i guess in my case everything sums into being as compact as possible, using affordable gear that i can buy almost everywhere (many times i had to buy a replacement device at the day of the gig, in the city i play) do souncheck, be early at the gig, despite the soundcheck, don`t trust the promoters (mostly the ones you work for first time with, sorry guys ) you have to make sure everything is fine with the space and the sound.
Old 9th May 2016
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Great detailed answer, thanks Kink

I totally agree with you about promoters - so many of them are lazy and don't care about the artists or their rider/equipment list.

I always think space is important in DJ booths, it makes you feel comfortable then you can play better, so everybody wins.

A happy DJ = a happy gig
Old 9th May 2016
Golden rules
Old 10th May 2016
Here for the gear

Power filters work well but can be a little heavy to be on tour with..
Old 11th May 2016
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Originally Posted by MartinGoodwin View Post
Power filters work well but can be a little heavy to be on tour with..
also setting up quickly is something very important. Sometimes i have festival gigs like 2 years ago at the Kingsday in the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, i had 1 hour between the gigs, exactly as long as is the trip between the cities. With my current setup (without anything exotic) i need 30 min to setup and 30 min to disconnect and pack. Also bear in mind im not as fast as if im doing this at home, because usually those situations happen after i already havent slept for 60 hours and im not that focused. Only one extra pedal will add minutes to set up and test. and it will add more weight on my bag. If fits at all. Filters - those in Ableton do the job. A big difference would be analog oscillators though filters with analog sequencer, but thats already too much to add and setup..
Old 14th May 2016
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Hello Kink, thank you for doing this.
Respect to your musicianship and attitude to the "scene"

May I ask: What kind of bag do use as handluggage?
(is this accepted as a gear question?)

I have traveled with the small Pelican/Explorer cases with foam.
They are reliable but heavy, and I can´t fit everything I need...

Even though you have a minimal setup, you´ve still have to pack a lot of stuff into 1 bag.
Do you just use a normal backpack, and wrap your gear into your clothes?

Any problems at the gates?

Old 15th May 2016
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hey @ KiNK303 , thanks for the answers. I was wondering what bags are you travelling with? i often carry equipment when touring and i find that some nice padded bags like the UDG trolley (which I currently use + a backpack) will keep the gear protected but is rather heavy on it's own as well. Like you, I never check any of my bags as I don't trust the airlines and can't afford not to have the gear show up on arrival.
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