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Live Performance Compression
Old 6th May 2016
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Live Performance Compression

How do you deal with compression during live performance? Do you route your TR-8 / any hardware synths that you have back into Ableton to compress?
Old 9th May 2016
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i don`t compress in the way i want at the moment. I have a compressor on the master in Ableton (the Glue compressor), but with very soft settings, just to prevent some crazy peaks in the signal) as I use a lot of loops, which are already very processed. I don`t compress TR-8 for my KiNK set, as I dont want to route it back to Ableton (in case of computer crash, i want to have the drummachine running independent. Also TR-8 is my audio interface, i use one output for everything, because i found its better for me if most of my live stuff goes out on one channel on the mixer (i use a Pioneer DJM mixer). I make all very simple, so i can play without thinking too much. The other hardware synth that i usually bring (Leploop or Novation Circuit) goes to the DJ mixer as well. After a while i found its great as it is, because the content that goes out of Ableton is very dirty, without much transients and then the unprocessed TR-8 adds the punch that`s missing. For another project that i do (Cyrillic) i use TR-8 as source of drums, 3 CDJs to play loops from my modular synth and also one synth, LEPLOOP or Novation Circuit. All this goes inside a Pioneer DJM mixer and all this needs a bit of "warmth" and "glue" so i put the TR-8 inside Roland Torcido (dist) and FMR RNLA compressor goes after the dj mixer. I found Torcido quite amazing for drums! RNLA is not perfect, the sound is too punchy and it kills a bit of the bass, but its better than nothing and i cant find a better compact stereo compressor for the road. A pair of FMR PBC-6a is much better (because of the highpass filter on the detection circuit and the hard knee, nice for short techno drums), but i dont have space in my bag for a pair of them. I wold love to find a good way to compress, but now im still more focused on how to make the improvisational elements better and most of all - how to make the system more stable
Old 15th May 2016
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what about FMR RNC1773? do you use that?

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Old 17th May 2016
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Originally Posted by grosheu View Post
what about FMR RNC1773? do you use that?
I read that RNLA is a bit dirtier than RNC, thats why i bought it. Also people say its better. It still sounds pretty transparent to my ears, i can't tell if there is a big difference between both.

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