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How to Start out
Old 6th May 2016
Here for the gear

How to Start out

Thanks for doing this Q&A! I have been a great fan of your work since a live set in Harry Klein Munich (I think 2014) you played. Me not being a local to the town, A friend and I were walking around aimlessly until we found a club that would let us in. It was an amazing night and the energy was superb.

How would you recommend someone who has expressed interest in producing techno or any electronic music to start out? What machines/software/synths to get? I have been DJing for a couple of years on both vinyl and traktor, but I feel like doing a little bit more. I was considering getting a TR-8 and a more recent Roland Synth (System-1, JU-06) and Ableton and basicly just experiment. Is there a better way?

Maybe while you are at it, you can tell us how you first started out and got in touch with producing/DJing
Old 9th May 2016
Special Guest

you are totally on the right way. It`s great to start as a DJ, because if you make music for DJs, you need to know some rules. And if you are planning to play your music in a live set one day, the DJ experience is priceless. Often a musician or a producer can`t really build up a good energy in a club, as good as a DJ can do. Concets are nice, but the situation in the club is different, there is (or must be) a communication between the crowd and the artist, so being a DJ, you will understand that and you can transfer this in your performances with your music one day. Ableton is probbably the best platform to start with nowadays. You can learn all the types of synthesis and sound processing with it, especially if you purchase the Max4Live software with it. I would recommend to learn Ableton inside out, then you will know what kind of hardware instruments you need. I believe you can get 90% of any kind of sounds, using Ableton and plugins. If you have budget for hardware - start slow. TR-8 - I adore it. Bought it immediately when it came out, now i have two. I`ve been waiting for such a drummachine for long time. However, it wont give you anything sound-wise. You can get the same sound with the drum racks in Ableton or with other plugins. I look at TR-8 as something to get me inspired and to have a lot of fun, which is also important. SO - learn Ableton, understand all the types of synthesis, subtractive, FM, additive, sampling / granular, all the effects, time shifting, dynamics, eq... then think of buying when you know what you like. I would wait and save a bit for stuff which is a bit more expensive but great (for studio) and the most cheap / compact stuff for gigs. I will post how I started later here this week, when i have more time, its a long story. could help
Old 10th May 2016
Here for the gear

Wow thanks a lot for your response! Greatly value your feedback. I will get Ableton instead of a new Drum Machine then first.
In order to get a feeling for drum machines I got a Korg Volca Beats a while ago. It's pretty cheap and compact and I would consider it more of a toy, but it helped me get a feeling for drum machines.

I would love to hear how you started out and I am sure others here would too. Looking forward!
Old 13th May 2016
Special Guest

i strongly recommend everyone (who likes house and techno) to get a TR-8, but yes, get Ableton first, then you will know more clearly how to spend your budget. Volca is amazing for the price, great sound, but I find it a bit difficult to play, because of the small knobs. Still, we cant complain for the price

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