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When mixing down drums...
Old 15th February 2007
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When mixing down drums...

Hey Kevin, I've read through just about all these questions, and I'm left with a question I don't ever hear discussed much here...when mixing down a song and you're working on the drums, do you ever uses gates on snare, kick, tom mics, etc? If so, is it mainly to get an effect and that's it...or is it a common practice you do all the time?

Thanks...and your replies on here have been very educational to say the least
Old 15th February 2007
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Unless its for that particular "gated effect" I tend not to use gates on the drums. Now if tthe toms are just ringing all the time on each kick and snare hit and the overtones are occluding something in the mix, then use I would consider doing that or just replacing them with like minded sounds to keep the integrity of the kit in place.

As i said in "The Commitments" thread, i really like the ring on drums particularly if the are tuned to the key of the song. That to my ear is what makes them sing in the track.

Hope this helps

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