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Instruments you play?
Old 13th February 2007
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Instruments you play?

Hi Kevin,

Firstly, best to follow the trend and commend you on your open and detailed answers to the many questions from us. It has been an excellent education, and a great way for everyone here to apply a different thought process to the music we make. Many many thanks!

I'd like to know what instruments you play, and how (or if) that plays a role in your production? Do you find it difficult to approach a player about the part/style if you are unfamiliar with the instrument? Do you favour one/some instrument over another for certain parts or sonic moods, etc?

I'm lucky enough to play guitar, drums, bass, and can sing okay too. But nothing resets my brain after a day in session to come home and play my Tele, usually something as different as possible to what I have been working on! What's your brain reset?


Old 14th February 2007
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I willinging admit that I was the worst drummer in the world. I had a royal blue "Pearl" set as a teenager and played with school friends but once I saw pro's in the studio I realized that my gifts lay elsewhere.

I love drums for that reason, but bass and guitar are also fav's. In truth anybody who can play an instument expertly has my unending admiration.

I have seen guitar players create orchestra's and bass players,the wildest fuzz sounds. Or somebody like Jon brion who can seemingly make a kazoo sound like the heaviest power chord. In the hands of true talent, anything is possible, only limited by time and imagination.

I hire the players I have the utmost respect for and provide both general and specific direction but ultimately I allow them to apply their craft in a manner that best exemplifes their voice.

One could say that my instrument is the console.

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