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Amp Micing Question...
Old 12th February 2007
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Amp Micing Question...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for taking time out here!

Let's say you have two 12 cab, closed back, and a couple of mics on the front. In general, is it best to feed those two mics to two separate tracks, so you have more freedom in mixing? I can see how this could lead to LOTs of tracks on a guitar heavy record, but I guess what I'm asking is, does feeding them to separate tracks and panning them slightly a better way to go in general than multi micing and going to one?

I have read a lot of articles on micing amp cabs and while most engineers discuss multiple speaker cabs, or multiple mics, I never get a handle on whether all the mics are being fed to multiple tracks or not...

Tom H
Old 16th February 2007
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Like so much of this stuff, its SO SUBJECTIVE.

I prefer to have two completely separate sounding cabs with different tonalities and effects. In that instance I would most likely record them to discreet and separate tracks.

As you may have read, I am all for combining sources when its possible , so if the difference between the cabs is not sufficiently great then I would pick one and then maybe overdub with the second cab and a different guitar. So much of it depends of the genre of music but it can be a lot more fun to try multiple layers of sounds gennerated by the guitars, just make sure you leave room for the voice....

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