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Wishful thinking
Old 10th February 2007
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Wishful thinking

For most of us, working with an artist like Elvis Costello or Peter Gabriel or U2 once in a lifetime would be an incredible fortune. You've worked with all of them and obviously done some sterling work. And your humility, as demonstrated in your answers to the queries you've received in this forum, is quite extraordinary.

I have three basic questions:

1. Are there artists you would like to work with but haven't?
2. Are there records that you have envied? Albums you would have liked to be involved in?
3. Do you ever feel typecast? Are there areas of music you'd like to explore that would surprise the industry?

-- Chad
Old 12th February 2007
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You are very kind......

In answer to your questions.

1.Yes, to name a few, Zeppelin, Genesis, Queen, Beck, Bjork, KD Lang, Jeff Buckley, Sting, Bob Marley, Radiohead, The Blue Nile, Crowded House, etc etc etc......

2. Too many to mention.

3. I love to try other genres but unfortunately we are all typecast. I once lost out on a project because the A&R person thought than nothing in my discography had a "rock " element to it. At the time, "Unforgettable Fire" and "So" were considered rock classics but the industry is so genre obsessed that its hard to imagine a talented mixer, given the right direction could not mix most kinds of music. Its balancing , period.

I have considered creating an alternative personna just to prove my point, but I also value what I have achieved.

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