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"Yours", Disc 2 of White Limousine
Old 10th February 2007
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"Yours", Disc 2 of White Limousine

Regarding the second disc of stems from "White Limousine", what do you think of this idea of releasing a supplementary disc of stems from the entire record? Afterall, it's not only Duncan Sheik's work for the masses to alter, but yours as well, being the mixer.

Also, have you done any remixes just for fun? And, for the people who own "White Limousine", are there any stems of songs to make note of listening to? i.e., inadvertantly recorded background noises, errors, or even just instrumentations that you were really moved by and helped shape the mix?

Thanks again for taking the time here, Kevin! "Yours", Disc 2 of White Limousine
Old 12th February 2007
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Its totally fine with me, I think its an enlightened artist who embraces that forum and it should be encouraged. We need more creativity , not less and this is just another way to accelerate that.

The results vary of course but when you hear some new twist on something that is so familar and yet fresh, you just marvel at the reinvention.

I try not to do it for fun, mostly because I am already immersed in the project and so my persppective is colored. I leave that up to others.

With repect to the stems on "WL", I think they are all worthy of attention but it truly is a record of "the sum of the parts". But for pure sonics, check out the electric gtr stems.

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