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Some microphone placement choices.
Old 8th February 2007
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Some microphone placement choices.

Hey Kevin, thanks very much for offering us some of your time.

Can you give me an idea of how you would approach mic'ing up Duncan Shiek's acoustics for the Daylight record? He always has an amazing and natural sounding acoustic... once your done tracking is there much you have to do in the mix?

You mentioned his custom u47 in another post regarding his home set-up... what kind of preamp would he be using? Was he tracking his own vocals for Daylight as well?

Thanks very much!
Old 9th February 2007
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Lord _ Bunny

Michael Tudor was responsible for the recording on "Daylight" and he did a fab job as always . I did not have to do too much for the mix except sculpt it a little in the low mids.

For "White Limousine" I used a Telefunken 251 through a Neve 1064A.

He uses a V72 preamp at home. And no Michael recorded the vocals on Daylight as most of the record was done in LA.

Hope this helps....


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