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Using Delay in your mixes
Old 7th February 2007
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Using Delay in your mixes

Hi Kevin

Could you a bit about how you use delays in your mixes

Do you have specific template you set up. On tempo, off etc. Mono, Stereo?

How do you approach the panning, eqing, and automating the delays for the diifferent tracks?

Old 8th February 2007
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I do not have a specific template although I tend to be attracted to darker and more filtered delays on most instuments. I find that gives a greater sense of depth and dimension. I usually will audition in stereo but often panning the returns closer to the instrument can have the greatest impact.

There is olny so much space out there !

Automating any of the parameters is a subjective thing, driven by the space in the material and also straddling the line where it is not too gimmicky sounding.

Old 8th February 2007
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Favorite delay units for specific apps. and the great TC2290


What are your favorite delay units for:



Ambient Treatmetns

Also, you wrote that you like the TC2290. I was just curious because I own one and I love how it sounds on my guitar, where do you set the HP and LP filters on the 2290 most of the time? When you use the 2290 on guitars especailly, where do you like to set the filters?

2290 LPF - 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz, 33kHz

2290 HPF - off, 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz

Just curious how you set this up.

Do you ever use the delay ducking feature or the dynamic modulation feature?

The 2290 does a lot of stuff, any tips or features that you like to use or take advantage of that others may not be totally aware of?

Any of your great wisdom would be grand Kevin!
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