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Could you share some of the tricks you use on de-essing. The types of settings on plug-ins and hardware?

thanks for being a good sport Kevin.
Old 7th February 2007
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You Knighted,

De-Essing can be real tricky . In the analog world I will try either the BSS 902 deesser.This has a side chain listen which you can use to "tune " into the problem areas.

Another trick is to multi the vocal into a eq, roll off the bottom, boost the mids or highs and take its output and patch into the key input ( sidechain) of the vocal compressor. GML is good for this. Then adjust your threshold to taste.

In the DAW world, Renaissance and Waves make good plug ins. The settings are TOTALLY dependent of how the vocal was recorded, male versus female. Its too broad to give a difinitive answer. I veer toward a medium attack and release to try and make it sound natural.

The final way is to just do volume rides on the fader or volume automation. Time consuming but still effective

Hope that works for you

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