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Duncan Sheik
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Duncan Sheik

Kevin, I love the sound of the White Limousine record. The vocal sound in particular is awesome - can you share any tips or tricks you used on Duncan's vocal? Also the sound of the record is very clean and the "space" is extremely quiet - the instruments seem to come out of nothingness and into the very front of the speaker - there is no extraneous noise (esp. the first track, "Casanova") - any method to that madness, or just great studio and great techinque? Did you record to ProTools?

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Thanks ever so much, I think it is a very fine album myself. Duncan is a very underrated artist in my opinion.

The album was recorded into ProTools HD up at Allaire Studios in NY. If you have not visited their site, its a must see.....

Most of the tracks were recorded as a live ensemble , drums, bass , guitars over 8 days. Then a few months later Ducan started doing his vocals himself at his loft studio in NYC.
Because he has a really nice setup, I was comfortable with that and DS really wanted to produce his own performances whenever the mood struck.

Gerry added some additional guitars and some parts were replaced. The strings were recorded in London with Simon Hale ( truly amazing parts).

I mixed it in the box at Sevonay Sound. In terms of getting that sound on DS I did spend a lot of time on its eq and effects. Duncan uses a custom U47 that often captures a lot of additional mouth noises, ticks , pops , lip smacks. I found that removing these really helped me place the voice front and center. I would like to think that it boiled down to great technique but we were all aware how dynamic the songs were , so everybody made the extra effort to elimnate the buzzes and hums.

The main vocal treatment was a combination of a tight room sound and a plate reverb.

I hope that satisfies your curiosity.

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