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Quad Eight and consoles in general
Old 30th May 2017
Quad Eight and consoles in general

Hi, thank you for doing this.
I read that you use a Quad Eight console. And that some time ago you split this from 40 channels into two smaller consoles.

Can you tell a little bit about the console please, why you prefer it over others, and why you split that up?
Also I'm interested in your workflow, and how a large (or small) console fits into this (using modern recording equipment like DAWs).
Old 31st May 2017
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Quad Eight Console, Aural Exciter, MicroShift...

Dear Mr. King, I have analyzed your inspiring approach for a while (Producing James Bay on youtube & all your videos on MWTM). So, I am trying to create a similar hybrid setup with a small format console, 2 Distressors on drum bus etc.

1. Are there any productions/music styles, where you've found your Quad Eight console is not necessary or it's adding to much color or lacking clarity or similar, so you prefer staying completely ITB? Talking only about sonical reasons, not budget.

You know, I've bought a small 12ch Studer 289. Still testing that beauty. But sometimes I think it has too much personality for certain music styles. That's why I'm asking.

2. Is your main vocal, when Soundtoys MicroShift's widening applied, coming stereo or mono on your analog console?

3. I think I saw you sending some tracks to Aphex Exciter in parallel. You said, it helps the music not staying so close in the speakers. Never thought using that tool could have that impact. Can you please tell us more? (when, which instruments, music style etc.)

4. Which parallel processing do you do in the analog domain? Distressors, Sta-Level? something else?

Thank you and thanks to the Universal Audio for sharing your knowledge with us!
Old 5th June 2017
Q & A Guest
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Quad Eight Console (plus)

There are a few reasons I enjoy the Q* console... It has an incredible amount of headroom and can be pushed hard without the sound collapsing or getting too crunchy. The PSU's are +/- 28volts which is higher than most vintage desk designs. The AM-10 Op-Amps also have a very sweet sound, the input and output transformers are wonderful with design by Deane Jensen, and EQ's are similar to API 550's... The console design involved former API engineers and has a fast (like API) response with a sticky (Neve) like transformer tone... Kind of the best of two console designs I love. I split it apart primarily to make it more user friendly in a smaller footprint and in conjunction with my sometime hybrid approach. It never
adds too much color and the tone can be managed by how much signal I put into it.

Plus answers...

Vocal sound effects (MicroShift, Reverbs, etc.) when on the console are sent out in stereo independent of the main vocal which is sent separately to a mono channel.

Not sure about the Aphex and the speaker thing.. may have been misunderstood (don't know the context) I sometimes use it for a little upper mid frequency excitement on almost all elements of a mix blended back in just slightly in parallel.

In the analog domain I use many different compressors ... I own distressors, Retro 176 & Sta-Level, 1176, Compex, LA-2A, LA-3A, 2254, Obsidian, Q8's, DBX 160s, and others...
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