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sending mixes for mastering with or without compression
Old 27th May 2013
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sending mixes for mastering with or without compression

thanks for doing this, it s a honour for me to have an answer from you.
i usually mix into a compressor with just a few dB s of compression. the ME i work with prefers to have the mix sent without the compression, but sometimes it really glues the mix.
i was curious how do you prefer your mixes and why. thanks.
Old 4th June 2013
I would say make your mix sound perfect to you. I don't tell clients how to mix. Most mixers who know how to use mix compression do it really well and can make their mixes sound good. The only thing I caution is to not use brickwall limiters that you can't take off. If you need to have a client ref that is loud, do two mixes... one with and one without.

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