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Red 3
Old 7th May 2013
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Red 3

Hi Howie,

Just curious if your red 3 had any mods done to it or if it was the version with the input transformers. Any preferred settings that you generally use?

Old 9th May 2013
I have one with the input transformer and one without. They sound the same and it's because the output transformer really gives it the character. I do have a preferred setting that I found by accident. What you do is you put it on key input and just use it not for compression, but just as a line amp pushing the output transformer. What I found is that the line amp stage seems to saturate a bit but it also comes out really punchy and loud without sounding squashy. It's not for everything but for a lot of stuff it sounds great and doesn't change the overall character.

I told Slate about this since he is doing a plugin version of the Red3 and he said that he has that exact line amp sound modeled on a knob so I'm excited to hear it.

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