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Slayer Albums and Converters
Old 4th May 2013
Slayer - Reign In Blood

Hello Howie Weinberg

Thanks for doing this Q&A

Can you please tell about the mastering of the Slayer album Reign In Blood?

To me its the best sounding thrash album ever produced, its so hard but still with great dynamics.

Do you know where it was recorded? on the cover it says "recorded in LA


Rune Rask
Old 7th May 2013
Here for the gear

Slayer Albums and Converters

Hey Howie,

First I'd just like to say thank you for doing this. You have mastered so many of my favorite records!

I have two questions:

1A) What was gear was in your chain when working on the Slayer albums?
1B) What kind of DAW were you running?
1C) What were the raw mixes like and did much tonal and dynamic shaping happen in the mastering process?

2)What are your favorite converters both Digital to Analog and Analog to Digital?

Again many thanks for doing this and all the kick ass music!
Old 7th May 2013
For Slayer I was at Masterdisk in NYC.

I had a Neumann Console, DCS 902 Converters, Neumann and Sontec EQs, Tape machine was Studer 820 with Cello Electronics... but none of this is what makes that record sound the way it does.

Andy Wallace mixed that record and that means that I didn't have to do much!! Just push play and the earth moves!

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