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How do you feel about some of your work being "remastered"?
Old 7th May 2013
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How do you feel about some of your work being "remastered"?

I think you've done some OUTSTANDING masters over the years. I've also seen a few be remastered to be the modern hot and blah sound. As someone so dedicated to things sounding good, how does that kind of thing make you feel?
Old 9th May 2013
Obviously I need to be diplomatic here, but there are some very large projects that have been remastered by people other than me and the consensus is that it didn't get better, but worse. I try to make sure that the clients have me remaster any original work that I did. I just remastered the rerelease of the Pantera stuff and I kept the original sound but added a bit of a modern touch with 2013 technology.

Old 10th May 2013
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Indeed. What prompted this is a couple of my favorite albums were originally mastered by you, but remastered in one fashion or another by another ME. Very disappointed with the remasters. Practically unlistenable, in one case.

Thank you so much for the response. I'll pick up the new Pantera you (literally) remastered; should be refreshing!
Old 10th May 2013
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On the subject of reissues, a whole lot of us are very unhappy with the reissues of projects we sweat making years ago. I had an experience that really left me wondering if tape deteriorates over time making re-masters virtually impossible. My former boss at Motown sent me a CD-R he'd made from some of our 45s played with a top of the line Shure cartridge, a radio shack phono preamp and his SoundBlaster card. Hardly a "high end" approach.

The original master had been cut flat and sounded pretty indistinguishable from the tape. This CD-R sounded outrageously better than any CD reissue. My gut reaction was yes, THAT'S what I remember the record sounding like! Could the vinyl have captured that moment in the master tape's life before it deteriorated? I'm asking because you are one of a very few people in a position to have any idea about this possibility.
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