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Analog and Digital Mastering Chains
Old 6th May 2013
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Analog and Digital Mastering Chains

Hi Howie!
I am a live engineer and freelance recording engineer. I aspire to premaster more, but i am limited to the gear i have access too. I wondered what your exposure to/experience with an all digital mastering chain is. And do you believe it is just as possible to engineer successful products this way. Bare in mind i am referring to products like Pyramix which is coupled with its own hardware, all the way to using the Izotope Ozone within a normal DAW such as protools. Thankyou for your time, Cheers!
Old 9th May 2013
I think the key to mastering is less about analog vs digital, and more about the room, monitors, and experience of the mastering engineer. The Pyramix system I have has some great compressors and eqs and I'm sure I could use them to do good work. Like I said before, the plugins that emulate analog are getting so good and I'm constantly amazed at their quality.

Put on some records you think sound good and try to copy the vibe. I think it can be done with digital or analog.

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