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Do you think mastering compressor and EQ plugins are any good?
Old 5th May 2013
Do you think mastering compressor and EQ plugins are any good?


Just interested to know if you think there is a big difference between mastering plugins and mastering outboard gear? specifically buss compressors and bus eq's.
Old 7th May 2013
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i 2nd this question! interested to hear what you enjoy in the digital world in terms of processing, if anything. thanks again!
Old 7th May 2013
I'm just getting into plugins now. I started believing in them a year ago when Slate modeled my Studer tape machine and it sounded exactly the same so now I have faith. I don't currently use compressor or eq plugins but I'm not ruling it out for the future. I know my Sontec Eqs so well and I have a workflow that I've been doing for decades so it might be hard to adjust. We'll see!

Old 8th May 2013
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Howie, like everyone else I'd like to thank you for your time. In reading your above post I can see that for people like you who have been in the business for many years and have an established workflow, it is very difficult to want to try something new i.e. plugins, when you already have a proven method that works. Do you think this is detrimental or is this actually an advantage. It seems that many software plugins may be able to streamline the process but like you said above, having "faith" in them is another thing. Until you try them though, you never know. Thanks.
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