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Mastering the White Stripes
Old 5th May 2013
Mastering the White Stripes

Thanks again Howie for joining us!!

Jack White is notorious for being extremely 'old-school' in his approach to making records. I was wondering if this mentality ever reached into the mastering process... would he insist on certain methods or "deny" the use of certain types of gear, for example, to attain what he wanted? How much of an influence did he have over the final product once it was in your hands?
Old 7th May 2013
Jack White is the master of the analog domain. All of his stuff comes in on 1inch or 1/2" tape. He loves Ampex ATR machines. Jack is very hands on when it comes to mastering and he attends all the sessions. He loves records with a big ass bottom, so that's what I gave him. I think he was happy.

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