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Do's and dont's in a session?
Old 4th May 2013
Do's and dont's in a session?

Hello Howie! Is there an album that you didn't do anything to it, sonically speaking?
How much do you inject your preference into a session and if not, how do you know what the artist/producer wants to listen from your work into their project?
Finally, if there's something extreme on your mind, do you do it, or you back off, or do you ask the artist/producer first?
Thanks in advance.
Old 7th May 2013
First rule: Know your client. Some clients really want a heavy handed approach to eq and compression. Others want it very light and just want their mixes to translate.

Usually when I'm working with the big mixers such as Costey, Maserati, Brauer, Wallace, Baumgardner, CLA, TLA etc etc.. the mixes are pretty much dead on. Might need a minor tweak here or there and then they are perfect.

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