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EveAnna A bit of history please
Old 20th December 2002
Gear Guru
Drumsound's Avatar
EveAnna A bit of history please

I've never read or heard your history. Are you a musician (besides the Theremin lesson from Walter Sear)? Do you come from the audiophile world. I know Manley has a line of home equipment as well. Have you ever worked in a studio environment? Is mastering your thing?

I'm just curious. I think you are making great products and I've enjoyed what you've had to day here and on other boards.
Old 20th December 2002
Lives for gear
Renie's Avatar

Yes yes good question I've been meaning to ask.

I wondered how you come to have the Manley name- birth, marraige?? other?

and what's it's like to have a legendary surname?

Old 20th December 2002
EveAnna Manley's Avatar

More info about me than you'd ever thought you would know is on my Bio page on my website... Go read that and save me typing the whole thing over again here...
Old 21st December 2002
Gear Guru
Drumsound's Avatar
Will do. Thanks for the link, I must have missed it the last time I was on the site. It's been a while since I've been there.
Old 21st December 2002
Gear Addict

EveAnna, do you know if Nick's Cafe is still going in Claremont? I spent a frightening amount of time in the place when I lived out there.

Old 21st December 2002
Lives for gear
dave-G's Avatar

On your bio page, the .wav file linked to the word "[email protected]#k" made me laugh my face off, although I may have been listening to it a little too loud while my wife was teaching a piano lesson to a 7-year old in the other room.

Old 21st December 2002
Here for the gear

Nick's, and a bit o' eveanna history

nick's is indeed still the worst kept secret in claremont.
no, their coffee has not improved, but it is still better
than starbucks (which moved in on the next block).
they still bring in bands, and they may have even
repainted (once) since you were there.

In terms of the mystery that is Eveanna, i went to college
with her and have subsequently moved out to her neck o'
the woods.

you will be able to find out quite a bit about
the manley queen at her site, but i would
suggest that you start at the beginning,
at her college days (back then, when she was 'Van'):

as for before college, that is on her site, too

(and, btw, both of her surnames are legendary)
Old 22nd December 2002
Gear Guru
Drumsound's Avatar
Vintage VWs and a bike to teach friends how to ride. How cool is that.

Thanks for the link (and the cool gear) EveAnna!
Old 22nd December 2002
Lives for gear
Steve Smith's Avatar

Just for the record, Eveanna said it was ok to tell you all I have seen her bedroom...

(nudge, nudge, wink, wink... say no more!)
Old 23rd December 2002
Gear Addict

Willie, yeah, Nick's wasn't great coffee, but it was great ambience (before the technicolor paint job on the patio). Upper Crust bakery's tea room (I think they were calling it that) had a godly good cup of coffee, but they were closing around 10pm when I moved to Texas.

Also, there was better coffee at the Haven in Pomona, but it disappeared years ago, tragically. I hit Espresso Yourself in Upland pretty often, but while it was an excellent strip mall cafe, it was still a strip mall cafe.

Old 23rd December 2002
Here for the gear

hey bear.

agreed (in terms of the paint and coffee) at nick's,
the demise of the haven, and the like. some crust is
still around, and has expanded, but unfortunately they
went 'chain' with coffee, too (caribou or petes, i can't
remember which).

it sounds like (in terms of caffeine) you moved out at the
right time, though you have missed out on being around
eveanna, of course, and she brews a pretty good cuppa' joe.

until recently, eveanna and i took our motorbikes out to
a great bar in la vida for coffee/breakfast, but even that place
has gone the way of the dodo.
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