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Strap on your crystal ball glasses... Virtual Instrument Plugins
Old 16th December 2002
Gear nut
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Strap on your crystal ball glasses...

Strap on your crystal ball glasses and tell us what the future of audio will be.

This question can be answered by anyone, but really only Fletcher's and EveAnna's will be relevant.
Old 16th December 2002
Gear Guru
Drumsound's Avatar
I'm hoping for a return to music making and the death of the "perfectly constructed CD!" I want records (a concept not a medium)

Old 16th December 2002
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Fletcher's Avatar
Re: Strap on your crystal ball glasses...

From what I've seen so far... I think you'll find that the SACD stuff will be the 'next big thing' unless they make it wait in line behind the 192kHz platforms... [after all 96kHz hasn't hit even an 80% proliferation yet... it'll be some time before they move on to "192 is the only way to work"...

The no moving parts "Flash Drives" will be the next biggest thing... I'm sure there will also be a flood of "digital" microphones, probably with that "mic modeler" bull**** software crap inside so folks will be under the mistaken impression that for $89.99 they'll be able to leave the 'Guitarmart' with a $40,000- microphone collection.

All in all... I think you'll see some things of substance, and a ton of bull****.

With all that said... I think that there are going to be a hell of a lot of people that will have a hell of a lot better idea of the future of audio than I... for all intents and purposes... I lag about 2-3 years behind the industry as a whole in terms of 'new inovations' [I wanna make sure they work before I invest any time in them]... and while I may be a few months ahead of most folks on new 'analog product' hitting the street... that's hardly anything relevant to the future of audio.
Old 16th December 2002
Gear nut
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Thread Starter

Sorry Fletcher, it's an ambigous statement. How about relevant here in this forum because you 2 are in the spotlight as guests of the month.
Old 18th December 2002
Gear maniac
Cape's Avatar

Okay, I'll pipe in.

The crystal ball is foggy.
Old 18th December 2002
Gear addict

I agree with Fletcher on the flash is gonna get some cool upgrades in rthe next 2-3 years. Super fast Serial drives may catch on.

DSD ain't gonna kick PCM off the block as some think.

Soundelux will make a small diaphragm mic line. KM84 inspired perhaps? (This might be just a wish.)

Digidesign releases a high end digital console. (This, I have heard inside reports on.)

GML EQ and compressor plugins shame every other plugin made for PT.
(First hand experience seeing/hearing the good as ANY eq analog or digital.)

Gearslutz is still cool.
Old 18th December 2002
Gear interested
LuvToLaf's Avatar

The Crystal Skull, I mean Ball, say's there will be a revolution, consumers will revolt against mainstream production, and Electric Ladyland will be reborne, and underground FM music stations once again will dominate the airwaves with music that is originated by the new multi-track HI-FI analog modular recorders.

And the holes in digital will become as painfully obvious as a dictaphone. And this time, the value of the new stations will remain true, and a consti2tion will be enforced.

Ears everywhere will revel in the wash of quality sound again. People will be free to record this music, and proceeds from memberships, and medium sales will keep the hard working, creative industry, and talant fat, happy, and productive. Corporations will not botch the product for fear of absolute boycott.

New music will come, as heavy as desired, as sweet as the old masters, and equally as priceless and timeless. CD's / DVD's / mp'3s will go the way of the video disc, and will be ground up for road construction, or used for roofing shingles.

The new HI-FI analog recorders will use a new magnetic medium, and will be fair, and last 1000 years.

ogara daga ...plese tank you.

I know it's only tuesday, sorry.

Old 18th December 2002
Gear Guru

"Ask again later"
oh, sorry, I thought you said magic 8 ball
Old 18th December 2002
EveAnna Manley's Avatar

My crystal ball is telling me that my company will be the last american manufacturer who doesn't have their sh*t built in China.

"That's ChinO, dammit!"
Old 19th December 2002
Gear Guru
Drumsound's Avatar
Good for you EveAnna!
Old 19th December 2002
member no 666
Fletcher's Avatar
Uhhh, you mean they'll get rid of the SSL 9000j's? Yeah, that's pretty much a given, but being the kind of facility that will have to stay in the "chic desk" market for many moons to come, I'm sure you'll see the great big expensive 'latest and greatest' desks in there.

They've already taken a couple of chances, with like the Focusrite desk, rebuilding control rooms, etc. [from what I understand, the only things that remain from the Hendrix era are the bathrooms and the pumps that keep the Manhasset river from running through the floor of Studio A... but "Hutch" from Manley will know more about the physical plant of the joint than I'll ever know].

Oh... "Electric Ladyland" was an album, "Electric Lady" is a studio. If you were talking about the album, and not the studio... then I'm curious about what the hell you mean by 'reborne'... do you mean "rereleased for umpteenth time"? Or do you mean that someone will do an album like it? Or are you talking about digging up the dead guy and trying to get him to work again?
Old 19th December 2002
I wonder if audio engineering schoools will be able to pedle the same dreams for much longer...

Old 19th December 2002
EveAnna Manley's Avatar

Here's what the girls' bathroom at Electric Lady looks like.
"A River Runs Through It" indeed!
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Strap on your crystal ball glasses...-eaels.jpg  
Old 19th December 2002
Lives for gear
faeflora's Avatar

In 20 years all analog gear will be obsolete due to the affordable power of the googleflop thumbnail sized computer which will cost eight bucks.

All mixing, instrumentation, singing, will be done through thought transponders. Ether-albums will be transmitted directly to your cerebral implants, and the temporary single use licensce fee will be deducted from your federally registered debt account. Despite terrible quality degrading copy-protection algorithms encoded in the music, every single album on earth will be pirated and dispersed freely by the contra rebel underground freedom army in an effort to overthrow the RIAA chairman of the board AKA emperor of the earth. The pirated albums will have .000000000000000000000000001-10,000,000,000hz at 1092000000000 bitrate and will be distributed in holo-audio format.

Unfortunately, anyone caught posessing in the past, present, or possible future this stolen property will be subjected to immediate icarceration under the Homeland Security Act of 2010 for unpatriotic and sedotious behavior.
Old 19th December 2002
member no 666
Fletcher's Avatar
Fortunately, I'll be dead by then.
Old 19th December 2002
Gear maniac
fishtop_records's Avatar

Fletcher sez:

>>I think you'll find that the SACD stuff will be the 'next big thing'

Can you shed some light on this? I have what I think is
a pretty solid background in mathematics, engineering,
and even a little in studio audio, and I sure can't see
any real difference between the SACD DSD stuff and the DVD-A
PCM stuff. Other than, of couse, the politics and clout
of the backer companies.

I don't see any reason to believe that either SACD or DVD-A
will actually sound better than one another. Better than CD,
sure. That is not enough to make a business plan.

SACD does allow Sony to resell a third (or forth) time the
same back catalog of ancient 60s and 70s rock to
aging babyboomers. Fine. But many of them (us?)
no longer have the hearing to tell the obvious difference,
and rebuying 500+ CDs is a lot of money.

Since all the consumer "pro-audio" stuff is PCM, where does
SACD fit into this? How does this help you and EvaAnne sell
more gear to high end project studios?

From where I sit, the kids don't care about quality at all. CDs
are fine, MP3s are fine, real speakers are not needed. So
they don't look like a target for SACD or DVD-A
Who is gonna buy the stuff in your crystal ball?

Old 20th December 2002
Gear interested
LuvToLaf's Avatar

I meant the Land and Spirit of Electric Lady.

Cool pic EveAnna! Looks like one of the rooms from the old Grandy Ballroom in Detroit. Nice decore after panhandling for hours to get tickets for Zep.

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