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Rupert Neve transcription on Rec-pit
Old 15th December 2002
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Rupert Neve transcription on Rec-pit

The roundtable discussion with Mr. Neve back in October offered up a few bits of info that left many of us wondering about future products. Nearly 2 months have passed without further info, so...

*any news on an upcoming Rupert Neve / Iz Corp (Radar) product announcement?

*any idea what was meant when Mr. Neve suggested that we hold off on purchasing the old Neve modules because there were new, less expensive products on the way?

And what happened to that website?

Old 15th December 2002
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In case anyone needs the link:

Fletcher, any chance of another guest speaker anytime soon? I wouldn't mind seeing you & EveAnna bounce questions off each other.
Old 15th December 2002
Gear maniac

im guessing he is going to reissue some 1073 like thingy....the question to me is what price point will he be able to get it out for...well NAMM is coming soon enough so time will tell..
Old 15th December 2002
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Uhhhhhh, what do you think we're doing here? Those "live chat" ditties aren't me 'interviewing' somebody, they're me picking which questions get through to the 'interviewee' from the masses.

Here you have no such impediment... as EveAnna damn near anything you want [or me for that matter]. OK... so it's not live, but it is a pretty comprehensive 'long format', month long kinda thing... fire away.

But as long as we're here...

There hasn't been anything officially said about the ARN/iZ alliance... as for holding off on buying the old ****... Rupert and staff have done some measurements on the old ****, and are creating some new **** that will rival the old ****... or at least that's the goal.

Who's putting out the new ****? Who knows. That could be part of the problem, or it could be part of the relationship with iZ, or it could never happen. There are some things that can be hinted about, but they can't actually be talked about until they're real.

As for the website... I guess it ain't done yet.

Now... are there any other ideas as to who would be cool for a "live chat"? I'm way open to suggestions... so far I've been involved the George Massenburg "LC" and the Rupert Neve "LC"... who would you like to see added to the list? [that isn't doing a 'guest shot' here on Gearslutz?]
Old 15th December 2002
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Dave Hill, Andy Wallace, and Bob Powers spring to mind.
Old 15th December 2002
Gear maniac

Old 15th December 2002
Gear maniac
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Bob Katz
Old 15th December 2002
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Bob Olhsson
Old 16th December 2002
Gear nut

word eric.

I second Bob Ohlsson
Old 16th December 2002
Gear Guru
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I see your Bob Ohlson and raise you a Brendan O'Brien.
Old 16th December 2002
"Now... are there any other ideas as to who would be cool"?

YOU! for getting down and writing that Jimmy Miller book!

You know you got it in ya!

Old 16th December 2002
Gear interested

Any of these guys would be AMAZING . . .

Ben Grosse
Tom Lord-Alge
Chris Lord-Alge
Rick Rubin
Dave Jerden
Old 16th December 2002
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I don't know if you guys like him but I think Bob Clearmountain is very constant in his work. He can mix everything and it sounds sometimes very good and sometimes unbelievable (sp?).
I would like to get some tricks directly form the master.

And btw he seems to be a very nice fellow.

Old 18th December 2002
Gear interested

I would like you to get Tony Mazerati who is mixing a lot of succesfull pop ****.
Bob Ludvig would also be cool.

Old 18th December 2002
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e-cue's Avatar

Ditto on Tony Maserati... I'd like to know what's up with the suits? handrolled cigars? and mid range?
Old 20th December 2002
Jr. Gear Slut 2nd class
chessparov's Avatar


Phil Spector! D)

Anyone already mentioned, however, would like to see more
"interviewing" with Ohlsson and Katz (he has a great website BTW). Both of them have a knack for putting profound insights
into simple prose. Another one I'd really appreciate seeing would
be microphone maestro Stephen Paul, especially with his new microphone coming out (hopefully) soon.

Old 20th December 2002
Gear Head

Micheal Jackson!
I wont to know if he nose anything about the art of mixing/recording.heh
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