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Strangest thing you ever ate
Old 6th December 2002
Gear Nut

OK pussies Try these.

Rotten Corn Porridge. ( an indigenous food here in Aotearoa)

Blind eel ( Exudes a slime that literally will fill up a bucket , so much is exuded) Fabulous when it is boiled.

HooHoogrubs (Like wichettys John) Gotta cookem unless you want stomach cramps

Oh & the worst ****: ANYTHING at Macdonalds tut
Old 10th December 2002
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Old 10th December 2002
EveAnna Manley's Avatar

Max! What happened to your tail? Oh you poor boy. Hey! Who stole my dog's tail? Give it back!

Old 10th December 2002
member no 666
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Originally posted by faeflora
Oh, I also ate that green lobster gunk before too.
From what I understand, that green stuff is Lobster ****. At least that's what a buddy told me [who at the time was a commercial divers... so we'd go out on his boat on a Saturday afternoon... I'd drink beer, he'd scour the bottom for dinner].

I was at a show a few weeks ago and me and the people I was working with were sitting back in catering having just finished dinner [Lobster was the featured event for the evening meal... ]. Two of the people I was sitting with were also from New England... and we were making fun of all the mooks wearing bibs while consuming this food [sorry, it's not that hard to eat, and it's not that messy].

At one point a friend pointed out this rather fine looking woman at one of the other tables that was chowing down on the green **** like it heaven sent... to the point of actually scooping it up from the other 'bugs' on the table.

I didn't have the heart... but one of the ladies at out table seemed to have something against this particular person [ahhhh, the politics of wives in a touring situation]... as the green stuff eating person excused herself from the table, and went off for the bathroom like someone lit her tail on fire.

BTW, the orange stuff you find in some lobsters is the "lobster roe"... [lobster eggs]... which is sorta like 'lobster caviar'... it's really very nice on a cracker with some sour cream and capers.
Old 10th December 2002
Lives for gear
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Surstroming is when you put herring in a barrel for a few months, bury it, let it rot, can it, hire a bomb squad member to open the tin, and eat it with lots of akvavit.


Old 10th December 2002
Lives for gear
faeflora's Avatar

Oh wait, when I was young, I drank my cousin's urine. We were 7 I think.
Old 10th December 2002
Lives for gear

Oh yeah? Well, never let your friend go into the bathroom with a spoonful of peanutbutter. Someone I know did this and ended up tasting his own **** by mistake. Skippy Chunky and Skippy's Chunks don't really look all that different.
Old 10th December 2002
Gear Maniac
Mats Olsson's Avatar

Originally posted by loudist

Surstroming is when you put herring in a barrel for a few months, bury it, let it rot, can it, hire a bomb squad member to open the tin, and eat it with lots of akvavit.


The smell is awful, but some folks say that in combination with thin bread and goat cheese, surströmming is really good.
I'll think I'd rather pass (out).

Old 11th December 2002
BevvyB's Avatar

If anyones ever eaten salami then i'm afraid they've pretty much eaten all of the above.
Old 11th December 2002
One with big hooves
Jay Kahrs's Avatar
I like salami.
Old 11th December 2002
Bev and I discovered akvavit on a German recording trip! Maltezer (?!)

Laughing liquid!

The drummer always had a few after dinner...
Old 11th December 2002
BevvyB's Avatar

I regretted it.
Old 11th December 2002
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Originally posted by EveAnna Manley
Max! What happened to your tail? Oh you poor boy. Hey! Who stole my dog's tail? Give it back!

It's actually of bovine origin. Makes great soup (especially with grandma's homemade noodles).

Old 11th December 2002
Lives for gear
Knox's Avatar

Jules said we went over 20,000 posts (is that correct?)
For an audio site to go over 20,000 posts where 19,000 of them are about some screwed up **** you ate . . . that's pretty amazing!
Old 29th December 2002
Gear Addict

Moose ****. Looks like big ovular rabbit droppings and tastes like hay. This was in a survival class in Alaska. The idea is that the moose doesn't use up all the nutrients from what it ate and hell, it's just about all you're going to get when you're surrounded by snow and gnarled little spruce trees. Didn't taste _that_ bad, but it is ****, and I would have to be in a "survival" situation to eat it again...

Had some fabulous moose hot dogs in Alaska too. A friend of my father had a barley field up there. He would let the moose come back year after year until they were nice and fat and then BLAMO! - barley fed moose hot dogs. Yum.

I'm a vegetarian now so I eat all kinds of stuff people might find strange. I'm particularly fond of a dish called Bounty of the Sea, served at a resturant here in Seattle. It's made from many layers of yuba (the skin that forms on the top when you're making soy milk) wrapped in seaweed and covered in black bean sauce.
Old 30th December 2002
7rojo7's Avatar

I' ve eaten 98% of this stuff. with the exception of the moose ****, pet food and penis, it's just never become so tragic.
maybe this doesn't qualify as a culinary experience: I was in a band that could be defined as avante-garde punk jazz (althuogh we wrote popsongs we arranged them differently). We played alot live and played in this one club in Freeport NY that was simply the worst (the sound guy reminds me of fletcher. how does jim beam mix with that lobster roe?) they had these PA speakers with a half inch of club crust on them ( the owner was a walking nicotine stain) I won the bet (pride is a horrendous attribute) every day dust, tar and nicotine, barf vapor and who knows what else that accumulated for 10 years, a mouthful of that à #2 fishsticks frenchfries friedclams with ketchup tabasco pickles mayonaise mustard bananas peanut butter chocolate syrup capers anchovies lichi fruit and ice cream (sounds a little like molè) after a night of mescal worms. sorry I can't get more exotic. long live the human side of this biz, any idiot can figure out what sounds good or how to rationalize why they use something that doesn't sound good but it takes emotionally charged human beings to make or help make music.
Old 31st December 2002
Here for the gear
Mike Rhys's Avatar

Bees and bee lava boiled in syrup. I was fed this by a mad drunken buddhist monk on a two stay at a za-zen temple in the mountains of Nagano, Japan.

The things we do for enlightenment!

Old 1st January 2003
Lives for gear
Oldone's Avatar
Have had frog legs, already mentioned, ants in chocolate syrup, fried grasshoppers in some kind of peanut oil, very biblical experience, crocodile, rattlesnake, and West Texas chili, does that count? Hey I'm still here.

The most unusual thing was turtle soup. This was actually extremely delicious, with a glass of Sterling Silver Cabernet 1995.

Another interesting encounter was as a Rangeland Science major in college. I hung out with several Entomologists (bug specialists). These guys would identify tree beetles by their taste. It was a little disturbing watching these guys pick live bugs off of bushes and trees and then share their find with each other over hmms and haws of what species they were tasting. Made that beer at the end of the day go down rather easy.
Old 2nd January 2003
Here for the gear
ericswan's Avatar

There are people of mostly Norwegian descent in my part of the world who eat lutefisk which is basically dried cod which has been boiled in lye. It has the the texture of snot and a smell not easily forgotten. I've eaten it, but never again.

Nothing else too exotic, though from hanging out with Cajuns and Chinese, I've sampled almost everything. Those two ethic groups seem to be unafraid of eating anything.
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