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EveAnna: About Langevin...
Old 19th December 2002
EveAnna: About Langevin...

I'm curious about something, from purely a history-geek perspective:

Is there any connection between the Langevin name on that line of Manley gear, and Paul Langevin, the French scientist who pioneered underwater sound transmission techniques (which were studied by British and American militaries for use in u-boat and submarine detection towards the end of World War I)?

Langevin was also an early pioneer of piezoelectric research, so I wondered if there was some kind of lineage.

Either way, perhaps this could spark a discussion of piezoelectrics.

Old 21st December 2002
Old 21st December 2002
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I am really not up on the history, sorry. Don't think it was the same guy though...
Old 22nd December 2002

re-posted from a Langevin dealer's website:
LANGEVIN is a legendary marque of premium electronics whose lineage goes back to World War II.
Not trying to get anyone in Barney...just thought it would be cool to trace the lineage, and explore the foundations of the craft.

Both of my grandfathers fought in WW II, and one also fought in WW I, so the history is kinda intriguing.

If you like I could go ahead and do some research, and post the results.

I find it fascinating that the foundations of our craft - recording a killer guitar solo or drummer or vocalist or whatnot - were built in many ways on the research done by scientists and engineers who were working in other fields, such as the military challenges, or environmental studies.

It could possibly lend our present-day endeavors in recording some perspective to absorb that history.
Old 22nd December 2002
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I'd be interested to read your findings.
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