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Need Advice on CRAZY idea !!!!
Old 17th December 2002
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Need Advice on CRAZY idea !!!!

Latley i've been mixing using individual outputs from Tools through my crusty Otari 54c with 96 P+G moving faders, Just inserting the faders then using various different stereo busses, Its kinda sweet. But I have this idea to somehow change or convert the automation data to control Tools faders ,so some could pass audio while others would just be controllers , the P+G feels SSOOO good compared to procontrol or other controllers, plus its paid for. Am i just nuts? I live in pittsburgh and have a ton of really good computer science grad students who need projects. Just wondering if anyones ever attempted sumpin' like this.
Old 19th December 2002
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Of course it's possible.

You'd have to deceipher the digidesign communication protocol and commands though. And it would cost a lot of time and money.

Bad idea.tut
Old 19th December 2002
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96 P+G moving faders ???

hi, what is 96 P+G moving faders ???

take care?
Old 19th December 2002
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96 of them I suppose
Old 20th December 2002
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Mihau... penny and giles is a manufacturer of faders for analog consoles. These have little pulleys and string connected to motors so you can make mix moves and play them back via a computer. I am wondering if I could convert this code to midi which would control on sctreen PT faders instead....
Like I said in the topic, I know its crazy but, It would be really cool.
Old 20th December 2002
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For 96 channels of automation data you should definitely go the Ethernet road... Good luck, that IS a crazy project...
Old 20th December 2002
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My read of the P+G product data sheets would indicate that
this is truely a crazy idea.

You would have to not only convert the MIDI MMC
to appropriate motor control, but you need a feedback
loop so that you don't drive the fader up against
the stops at either end. The data sheet clearly warns
against this.

I would expect that if your value your time at all,
it would be more cost effective to buy a comercial
board that has it.

As faeflora said, it will take a lot of time and money.
Maybe cubic amounts of money and/or time
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