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Boston gear pimps?
Old 11th December 2002
Boston gear pimps?

I used to look at the classifieds in the back of mix, this was the early 90's, and it seemed like every broker in there was in Boston. Why Boston? I would expect the major gear peddlers to be in LA or NYC, but most of the ads were from Mass. at least. Mercenary, db, AVR, PAD, Harbor sound... Is there a reason behind that, or is it just because that's the way it was?
Old 11th December 2002
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Db was the first, after the studio where he was an engineer [Northern Sound] closed down, db took a tech gig at PRS [Professional Recording and Sound]... and did some equipment moves on the side. When PRS bit the bullet, db started his own joint that brokered and fixed gear... and some other stuff.

AVR an Harbor Sound grew from that as the guys that started them had both worked db engineering, but then went out on their own... Odyssey grew out of Harbor Sound...

PAD grew from the ashes of 'Anything Audio' which started when Dave let Rosati Acoustics [where he was their 'gear pimp' at the time... ].

M-A started by accident. Needing to sell some gear to put food on the table, we used the Mix 'Regional Directories' [at the time, MIX published a studio directory, or a directory of some sort in every issue... the "Northeast Directory" came out in May.

So needing to sell some gear because me and the wife were dead broke, I started calling around to NY studios I found listed in the MIX directory... and not too many people were interested in what I was getting rid of [a pair of Urie LA-3A's... I had 3 pairs at the time so that pair was expendable]... but kept making lists of what people were selling, what people were looking to buy.

Then I hooked up with Sye Mitchell of Sye Mitchell Sound in LA... he was able to supply both product that people were looking for and buyer for the stuff people were trying to sell.

As the years went by we were able to develop our own supply lines, so no longer required Sye's services...

The long and the short of it is that db really started it all... and Malepour and I just sort of refined the model.

Nobody I know is really sure what motivated Dave Lyons to start Sonic Circus... but they're up here as well...

Pretty remarkable ain't it.
Old 11th December 2002
So it just kinda happened. Here I was thinking there was some kind of tax loop-hole in Mass. where you don't have to claim income from selling used audio equipment... Thanx.
Old 11th December 2002
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There is a strong tech tradition in the Boston area, anchored by MIT, and including the poineering acoustical engineering firm Bolt Beranek Newman. So, while it's not exactly a music production center, it's not that strange that it's been home to some serious gearheads.
Old 14th December 2002
Here for the gear

And here I thought it was because they were all the bastard children of Les Arnold.

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