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VoxBox - Non vocal applications?
Old 9th December 2002
VoxBox - Non vocal applications?

Anyone use it on things other than vocals? Like a drum kit for instance...
Old 9th December 2002
P-H-A-T on bass I should warrant, I swear I've heard many a good report on folks tracking bass via one..
Old 9th December 2002
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Ditto what Jules said!
Old 9th December 2002
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Neve Sucks!'s Avatar

Use mine on bass all the time. Phatt and smooth.....rollz
Old 10th December 2002
It also works well on the final touches on a stereo signal path (as line level after something like a Great River NV or Phoenix DRS-2) on electric guitars and keys. It really softens the sound in a nice way, even just going through passively with no compression or EQ. I prefer to keep the input as close to unity as possible (pre out meter), it is definitely a different sound when pushed vs unity gain.
Old 10th December 2002
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Hell, Kris, if I had a VoxBox I'd put damn near everything through it.

I bet it would be dope as sh*t for putting a groovebox through and slamming the levels. Crank that f&cker till the smoke alarms go off. Yeah baby!
Old 10th December 2002
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The VoxBox is great on mono overhead. I assume it's also good in stereo, but I only have one.

Old 10th December 2002
Actually Curve, I don't own one,... but my buddy down the street does... I'm gonna borrow it for a tracking session next week. Sounds like it's going on the bass first... gives me an extra API for the kit! Thanks all...rollz
Old 11th December 2002
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Everything above +

- direct electric guitars = EGT-WAH-VOXBOX .. super funky

- As a keyboard DI ( I have a pair ) it rocks!

- As a DI for anything

I use it a ton in tandem with the EQ from the Amek CIB ( the only other real piece of outboard that lives here fulltime) it can really kick ass.
Old 11th December 2002
I always think of it as a first grab bass machine. I actually would use it on bass before vocals.
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