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Slam Users, tell us your favorite Limiter tricks
Old 8th December 2002
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Slam Users, tell us your favorite Limiter tricks

I had the wonderful experience of playing with the SLAM for a few weeks before i demo'd it for an interested artist. I discovered (as the manual suggests) that using a combo of the ELOP and FET Limiters produces some amazing results. SLAM users, please share some specific tricks that you have stumbled upon!!!

Also, i have to agree with Lynn Fulton that the Pre's in the Box are simply stunning. For a Tube Pre, I find these gems to have amazing transparency on the mid-top end.

Eve-anna, it looks like Howie will be keeping the box!! Thanks for all of the tips. The camp thinks is sounds thrilling!!!

Old 10th December 2002
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A Chekovian pause ensues.
Old 19th December 2002
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Still nothing?

There's got to be a SLAM! user around here who could fill us in. I'm going to mess with one in January, but still...

Old 19th December 2002
So Mike, am I the first fan of yours to join up here in hope of talking to my nethero ?
Old 19th December 2002
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Hmmm. I think you have me confused with that other Mike Jasper, the sci fi writer.

Old 21st December 2002
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favorite trick

Here's a few simple tips for all SLAM! users. They have served me well.
1. Buy one.
2. Turn it on.
3. Use it any way you can think of.

It's really that simple. No tricks needed.
Sounds great on everything I've plugged it into and
it's easy to use.
Old 22nd December 2002
Mike, I loved your new book " The Hitchhikers Guide to beverages ".

and if you remove step two of chaps' post, it's a trick suggestion for another purchase.
Old 22nd December 2002
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step 2

Honestly, it doesn't affect me if you buy one or not (they ain't cheap), but step 2 is important.
My point is that it's not a tricky box to use. The manuel gives a few but I haven't had the time to try them.
Old 22nd December 2002
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slam comp impressions

Hi, this is my first post on a forum but I thought I could give my first impressions on this expensive box.

I've had the SLAM for over three months and since I've been mostly mixing I've had more use for the compression side of it. I must admit that IMHO the main trick is to know not to over do compression. It's very tempting to go over the top with the fet limiter and I've actually had to undo a few subgroups of drums and vocals that were smashed.
I've never found an application for the clip setting on the release button. maybe one day.
The attack I really like is M. On drums I love that bounce it gives. I don't compress mixes so I can't really comment on program compression.
The whole unit is pretty straightforward to use and being able to use the sidechains on either compressor is so useful. Deesing sounds great with the Elop. The 200hz setting is good for this, but I've got a massive passive sitting under the slam that is so cool for the sidechain. I must say that even though the controls are straightforward the combination of the ELOP and the FET make for interesting results. I haven't really figured out any tricks with it. I like it as is and it takes a while to actually think of playing tricks with compression. I like simple and the SLAM does that perfect. The DI is beautiful. Recorded an old Fender jazzbass that I know very well and the first thing that came to mind was the word solid. what a sound. Precise. hmmm. I hope somebody does find weird ways to use this box. It certainly is pretty open to experimentation if you are prepared not to have it rackmounted. I have to get to the back 20 times a day.

Now i want a mu. I enjoyed the millenia TCL2 a lot also. Transparent and efficient.

Hope this is of any help.

Old 23rd December 2002
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tad more

I agree with all the above. It's also a great box for making a difficult source 'friendlier' or to smash it to bits.
I think Bruce did hit on a trick. I've found that it's best not to rack mount it because of all the options on the back (Nyquist curve etc....) and because I hate going behind my rack. So there's my
favorite trick - leave it on your work surface (plus clients will think you're cool because of the new color and it will help explain the new rates).

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