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Manley Cardiod Mic
Old 6th December 2002
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Manley Cardiod Mic

Hi EveAnna,
Looking forward to hearing your and fletchers opinions, ideas, and info this month...
beyond that, do you mind comparing and giving characteristics as well as possible (well-known) female users of your cardiod only mic?
My question stems from the fact that I'm looking for a mic for a project on a female that has an airy (not over silibant) fairly delicate voice with very nice overtones. Somewhat of a cross between Sarah Mclaughlin and Enya (don't laugh).
The two microphones that have worked the best in the past have been a vintage c-12 to tape (I don't know what through) that she used on her first project and then a vintage 251 run through a mastering labs pre to PT on another. The 251 was a bit dark in the mids where she shines, however EQ pulled everything out fine when they mixed.
The c12 has been the best...
So my question is, where does your cardiod only mic sit in (of course, if you were to make generalizations)?
Are there any differences or compromises (besides pattern and diaphram thickness) between that and your gold mic?

I would really like to buy a microphone for the project as I hate throwing away rental money, however due to other costs going on, I can't justify more than $2-3k for a mic and will just hire out as what was planned if need be.

Thanks for your input in advance
Old 6th December 2002
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I'm not EveAnna but from what you wrote, I'd think the Manley Gold Reference would be a better candidate. It's more C12'ish than the Manley cardio that I find somewhat more related to the U47/M49 type of sound. Actually the Gold Ref is definitely in my top 5 mics for vocals so far. (Especially for the type of female voice you're describing!) I've used it paired with an Avalon M5, an 1073 or an ISA 215 with great sucess

I sugest you try to get hold of a couple of mic for a shoot out. Getting a couple of candidates on rental for one day + some mics on demo that you would potentially buy (dare I sugest including something like an Elux 251) should not be that expensive. And you will have the confidence of knowing what you choose for her was the best available choice instead of second guessing your choice during the whole project.

I like the woman-singer-songwriter type of artist in general. Sounds like a potentially cool gig, have fun!
Old 6th December 2002
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Groundcontrol: THANK YOU for answering that post for me. I couldn't have said it better myself, or wouldn't have...
Old 6th December 2002
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thanks for the info!!
I've thought about looking into the 251. Is the c800 too hyped?
the c12vr is a joke, right?!
Old 6th December 2002
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Originally posted by doug_hti
Is the c800 too hyped?
Are you taliking about its top end or its price? In both case I'd say YES! grggt
However I've used it sucessfully on a couple of occasions in contrast to the dfegad VR...
Oops, did I do that in public...

BTW, you should still try and have a listen at them and check out what they do for you if you can.
Old 7th December 2002
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The C800g isn't too hyped IMO and is way better than the Manley Ref mic. You will notice a difference depending on the pre you use. You'll get the best results with a VIPRE, or a GML, but not with something like a 1073, etc. The 800's have come down from like $8,000 new, so I don't think the price is overhyped either. ...But to each his/her own...
Old 9th December 2002
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Originally posted by groundcontrol
I like the woman-singer-songwriter type of artist in general.
Great post... but this line is such a setup... you're really messing with my abilities for 'smartass self control'... must resist.....
Old 9th December 2002
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Fletcher, don't forget that my main tongue is french so what I write here doesn't always come out exactly as intended... Forgive me if I unintentionally leave the door open to tempt your darker side...

I guess I should have written "female-singer-songwriter type", although I definitely appreciate the "female type" in general... heh

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