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Favorite 2-bus processors
Old 1st December 2002
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Favorite 2-bus processors

I'm about to get myself a Neotek series 1 board for analog summing and eq out of my computer.

Being that i've been doing almost everything in the box for the last year and 1/2, I was wondering what processors i should consider for the 2-bus.

I guess the SSL style compressors are very tempting but I want to know what other choices are out there and what else other professionals are using.

I mix a lot rock music as well as a lot of hip-hop, so i guess versatility is a must.

Old 2nd December 2002
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Compressor wise:
Crane Song STC-8M (more versile, the H version ain't too schabby neither)
Alan Smart (harder)

Eq wise:
Keep an eye on the Crane Song Ibis as well...

Convertor wise (if app)
Weiss ADC-1
Old 2nd December 2002
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For converters, I think you should check out Mytek 8X96 in addition to the others mentioned.
Old 2nd December 2002
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Mytek converters are pretty solid, I'm way happy with mine. The Alan Smart & SSL compressors really do have a sound to them. Great for some stuff and about as subtle as a freight train. If you can only afford to get one compressor for the 2-buss I'd look into something cleaner with less of a signiture. For EQ on a budget the Specks are decent. I'm using a pair for that right now. I was hoping Brad and Dave would be able to hook me up with an Ibis for this project but they didn't have one. Renting a GML or Focusrite Blue (the mastering one) was in the budget for a while but got axed. Either way I'm happy with the ASC's on the mix buss.
Old 2nd December 2002
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API 2500
Old 2nd December 2002
EQ: Sontec (although the Ibis might usurp that soon...)

Comp: Crane Song STC-8
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