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Tricks of the trade...
Old 20th April 2016
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Tricks of the trade...

Erol was just wondering if you could let us in on a few tricks / tips you employ in the box... Unfortunately my studio is totally on my Macbook at the moment so I love new and interesting ways to dirty up my signal.
Old 3rd May 2016
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Hey. Just use what ever you have! Even if its an old tape recorder, there will be a way to use it creatively. Just make sure your cabling is right, don't mess up the phase when going in and out of the box. But seriously, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING has a sound, a vibe, a new feeling..

My tip: All that cheap **** will come in useful at some point. Make sure you explore each thing you have and don't be swayed by other peoples opinions.. Some of the things I used would get laughed at. Old 90s Zoom multi fx pedals are not cool right now, but I've had people I deeply admire ask me about sounds made with crap boxes. Just trust your ears, play with it till its right. Old vintage gear is cool but it's not as cool as the combination of your ears and taste when you get things right!
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