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Arranging tracks
Old 9th April 2016
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Arranging tracks


thanks for doing this Q+A thingie.

I was wondering that how do you normally arrange your tracks when it comes to electronic music. Do you run your synths/drum machines live and then record them when you have your basic sounds done or do you just track one part at the time. Of course every track is different but I find people's workflows as one the most interesting parts of producing.

Old 16th April 2016
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It always changes, but I try to get the sound as complete into the computer without the need to try a thousand ideas or plug ins to get what I want. The best method of working (for me) is to be excited before heading to the computer, that way all the mind games which come with a million possibilities soon disappears
Old 17th April 2016
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Thanks for the reply.
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