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Korg Mono/Poly - Ghost Culture & Daniel Avery - North London Studio
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Korg Mono/Poly - Ghost Culture & Daniel Avery - North London Studio

Hi Erol! Thanks for taking the time to answer all the questions really cool of you dude.

My question: Daniel Avery/James Greenwood(GC) both use the mono/poly I've read that James picked it up and basically mastered the synth and became crazy familiar with it. Can you give us a little bit more information on how the sound is created? I noticed in the futuremusic article that there was a monopoly in the studio with a dark time hooked up to it was curious how it all flows. I believe I read in an article that you spent quite a bit of time with both of them in the studio.

Keep bringing on new artists to Phantasy! Just listened to Kamera a few weeks back and lovin it.

Appreciate your time!
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Yeah, the Mono/Poly is a big part of James and Dan's music, it's a beast of a synth and far more versatile then people imagine.Most of the time the sounds are just explored until it lands on something special, usually whilst a sequence is playing. The oscillators are all slightly out of tune from one another, filter is usually cut back, bit of resonance etc.. Just about finding the special sound which hits the spot
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