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Let's talk drums on Semi-Charmed Life
Old 12th August 2011
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Originally Posted by drumkideric View Post
Thanks for all the info Eric!

The snare ending to Jumper is my favorite song outro ever. Could you fill us in on what reverb you were using on it?
There were several reverbs being used on that drums sound in the mix. There was the room sound itself (the cavernous room at skywalker ranch, A plate reverb that was available at The Site (where the song was mixed), and a Fairchild Spring reverb. At the end of the song I wanted the drums to submerge into the reverb. I simply started turning up the faders of the returns from the reverbs and started turning down the faders of the drum tracks themselves. There is much more turning up of the reverbs then there is turning down of the drum tracks though. If the drum tracks got turned down to much the post fade sends to the reverbs wouldn't be sending enough level.

Old 15th August 2011
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Originally Posted by thethrillfactor View Post
Charlize Theron is what.
ROFL..but really, it's funny how one doesn't see that coming into the game.
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