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Spatial movement and quadrophonic performances?
Old 23rd September 2016
Spatial movement and quadrophonic performances?

Hi Éric,
I read that, when Deep Forest began doing live performances, you had plans to use a Roland RSS acoustic simulator. Can you tell more about this? Did you use a quadrophonic setup? Which Roland or other gear have you used to achieve a 3d sound stage?

You perform again; do you use some acoustic simulator or quadrophonic mixing now? What are your thoughts about the modern hard- and software that can offer quadrophonic performance? Any tips how absolute beginners should approach spatial mixing and composing?

Merci beaucoup!
Old 23rd September 2016
Only the very first album was recorded with the RSS Sytem, it's really impressive on a well calibrated sound system but very difficult to use it on stage, I never used it for live performance.
A friend of mine working at Ircam recently introduce some new tools for spatial and acoustic simulation, but I haven't yet experimented with it, maybe for the next album.
Old 23rd September 2016
That would be the IRCAM Flux Spat plugin?
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