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Setup, workflow, inspiration and end result
Old 22nd September 2016
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Setup, workflow, inspiration and end result

Bonjour Monsieur Mouquet from Montréal Québec!

Thanks for being on this board! I recently viewed your clip "Sing with the birds" and it was very beautiful and shows a lot of passion in your work!

I understand from your last post that you do not like composing on a PC and that it was not a good experience for you which is totally understandable.

Although I also look at your setup and while it is extremely sexy and functional, I can also see some potential complexity in managing this (maybe with frustrations too).

To my initial subject, I can see how this setup can lead to creativity, a specific workflow and an end result having your signature sound.

How do you manage the minimize the downside (cabling, defects, total recall, spare parts etc..) in your everyday life?

Do any significant changes in this setup also change your workflow (like a domino effect) ? Apart from the obvious flavour of vintage sound, how much of your composition/song structure rely on your specific setup?

I am a big hardware lover but am using PC right now because it's too hard to manage from my perspective.

Old 23rd September 2016
Hi Yul,
It took me a long time to re-organize my workflow after so many years with computer, but my main concern was to be able to compose and play my synth in real time.
So here is how I setup my gears, it quite complex so I'll try to be clear
Fist I choose to have 3 or 4 "master"keyboards that could be rooted to any others "sounds machines", The Cirklon is the key for that, all Synths are connected to it ( Midi or CV in case of my modular), then, because of the matrix config in the Cirklon I can decide witch Master keyboard control witch Synth ( does it makes sense ?),
From this point I can play "live", design my sounds, make layers on any Master Keyboard I choose.
When I have something I like, I can still record in real time in the Cirklon, I use P3 or CK tracks depending of the result I need.
Most of the time at that point, if I have a composition I feel interresting, I just record a stéréo track in real time in Logic. So I have a 5 or 6 minutes (sometime more) of music played live recorded and saved on the computer. I can use it later for editing.
I understand it's a one shot process, no total record, but it has the big advantage (to me) to capture a "live feel" and a "performance" that is unique. I feel more creative like that.
Hope my explaination is not too confusing.
Old 24th September 2016
Gear Addict

Yes thanks a lot very good and much appreciated!
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