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Question for Eric Deep Brazil and more
Old 19th September 2016
Here for the gear

Question for Eric Deep Brazil and more

Eric, among your last albums Deep Brazil has a special place.
It's very heartful, some songs are creating nearly 3D feeling of moving through Amazonia.
Please, tell us some words about work on this album!
Some years ago Deep Space album was announced on your site and some impressive soundscapes were published as soundclips. What happenned with this project? (I'm still waiting for it)
And I can't not to ask you (sorry if I'm too predictable): is a kind of reunion with Michel possible?
Old 21st September 2016
Hi Sergey, thanks for your message,
Deep Brazil was a collaboration with Flavio Dell Isola, we did it quite fast, he was writing the lyrics while I was composing, and the songs was recorded in few weeks.
Amazonia has a special meaning to me, a really explicit song about ecology. Also my children was recorded and the session was really moving...
Deep Space was never released, the tracks are done, but when I listen to it, I feel I have to re compose and re arrange it... so better start from scratch again
Reunion ? not sure it could happened.
Old 22nd September 2016
Here for the gear

Merci, Eric!
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